Reverend Jacqueline Lasahn: Personal, meaningful, heartfelt ceremonies





Testimonials - Hands HoldingWe just want to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you gave at our wedding! Many people mentioned how personal and warm it was and we're so glad we didn't have a "stranger" marry us. We feel so fortunate that Todd found you on Craig's List! We had a great time at our wedding and the good energy continued throughout the night.

~ All the best, Suzanne & Todd

Thank YOU so much for being our officiant at the wedding. Your ceremony words were so soothing and we loved the feeling of bringing everyone together. Simply beautiful. We're so glad our paths have crossed and appreciate your light heartedness and gentle soul. Hopefully our paths will cross again! Take care!

~ xoxo, Angie and Jeffery Crane

Richard and I would like to thank you for officiating our wedding. The ceremony was meaningful to us, reflected our values and traditions, and was carried out beautifully and smoothly. Thank you for your understanding of our need, and for working closely with us to make it happen. We received much compliment about the ceremony. Both of us and many guests liked the meditation part in the beginning. Thank you!

~ Min

Upon first meeting Jacqueline, I immediately felt like I was in good hands. This was such a relief, as planning my wedding was feeling very stressful. Her skill, gentleness, sincerity and perceptiveness guided Sergio and I throughout the whole process of planning our ceremony, so that it uniquely reflected us. Our ceremony was my favorite and most treasured part of my wedding day. Thank you, Jacqueline!

~ Lisa Vuscovic, bride

The ceremony was absolutely perfect... the words and the blessings you chose emanated with so much light and truth, and most of all, love... I think we were all floating for a moment in infinite time. Yet, you also brought us all back to the earth, just in time, with a sense of sacred wisdom and humor, and we were well on our way to our new beginnings by the end! It was a very powerful ceremony, Jacqueline, and we are so happy that it was you blessing our union. It was absolutely beautiful, and your natural talent as a ritualist certainly made it a smooth and very blessed, joyous experience for us all. Thank you sooo much for all the thought, love and wisdom you put into it!

~ Leah Drake, bride

Recently, I was invited to a special friend's wedding and was astounded by the originality and freshness of the ceremony. We were asked to stand in a circle around the couple as Jacqueline conducted the ceremony. Never before have I had such a satisfying view of a couple about to be wed. My experience has always been sitting far away on some uncomfortable bench looking at the back of the couple and not being able to hear all the words. At this wedding, there was singing, horn blowing, bells ringing and beautiful words exchanging. Most importantly, the ceremony really brought to light the magical spirit and fulfilling love that should be experienced in all wedding. We were all reminded of the power of two individuals agreeing to become one soul, and I thank Jacqueline for this most sacred ritual.

~ Lillian Chung

Thank you so very much for all the love, thought, encouragement, support and care in the Ceremony of our 10 year wedding anniversary. I felt so positive in the "moment" of the ceremony. I received so many compliments about it from my family and friends. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed you!. You made me feel very comfortable and COMPLETELY into the ceremony. You are a cool lady. I'm so blessed to have had you in my wedding.

~ Nicole Smith, bride




A reverent was so much more than a goodbye to Mom. I 'got it' that the ceremony was for
the people left behind. It was such a precious time not to rush - the lovely sound of the Tibetan bowls
surrounded us as I contemplated my Mother. The prayer flags were another meaningful part of the


How do we comprehend the bridge between here and there? When she rang the bells, it opened my
heart to the infinite. This is what I needed. The ceremony brought me a completion that honored the
end of my Mother's life.


I just want to let you know that your Dad's memorial service was certainly a celebration of his life. I've been to services in which that was the intention, but last Saturday was the first time I truly felt that way. It was a very heartfelt celebration of your father's life filled with warm memories of all stages of his life.

~ A




...How completely special and beautiful it was. The Tibetan bowls you rang and played with the bow were just majestic. And the flow and way Jen's friends participated were all so moving. That ceremony will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thanks for making it so.

~ xo Denise

Thank you so much for the wonderful ritual last week. I loved hearing (and knowing our baby was hearing) the pure sounds of the conch and the bells, and the amazing vocalizing of people together in space. I really appreciate the energy and thought you put into the ritual, and loved watching you dancing and using your whole being throughout...

~ J.W.

Thank you was very deep and lovely. I am really honored to have your participation. I feel your work is very deep, grounded and ecstatic at the same time.

~ A. Tseng