Reverend Jacqueline Lasahn: Personal, meaningful, heartfelt ceremonies



The Unimaginable (1997) by Kenny and Julia Loggins

RoseFollow your hearts. They are clear in intent. They are able to grow to hold the whole universe. Real love is big enough to hold all your needs and feelings, your secret and silent journeys that you offer in ceremony to the other. You will be asked to hold many universes, to stand naked before the world in your power, in a compassionate and forgiving way, to allow the innocence of your most personal moments to flow out and around you the way a waterfall feeds the sea. Stay in the moment. It is a time of being teacher and student, Lover and Beloved, the singer and the song. There is no longer a separation between work and life, creativity and love, love and the world. Welcome to the biggest game! It is the ultimate definition of love, that it is present in every thought and action, every moment. It is the key to freedom, to limitless journeying as individual souls and as bonded hearts. Enjoy every moment, the grief and the bliss. Then dance together, as you have chosen to, into a new world.



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